5 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018

1. Do Live video content will only continue to grow. The reason why these major social networks are optimizing their platforms is that the majority of search traffic will be a result of video content, and future marketing projects will include high spending on digital. Facebook is also implementing new strategies to encourage their users to share personal stories through video content. Video has become cheaper to produce. Improvements in technology make it easier to access. It can show real-world applications, and it can convey many messages in a short period of time.

2. Messaging apps will become a critical communication method. Messaging apps  WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Viber are becoming the primary mode of communication for many people around the world.

3. Virtual reality will find its way into more and more marketing experiences. Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing Strategy in 2018. Virtual reality is the term for placing a user “in” the experience, whether that's another world or dimension. Augmented reality is where content is “placed into” the real world using a device, such as a camera on your smartphone.

By using VR as a way to reach your customers, you’re offering them an entirely unique experience from your brand, forming a deeper connection between you both.

4. More channels will make it difficult to monetize (and therefore, weaponize) content. If you own a typical website and check your statistics often enough you probably know that you have some pages that continuously get higher traffic compared to everything else. Unfortunately, these pages often fail to deliver in terms of monetization.

The most likely cause for this lies in the fact that you are offering good information for free. Visitors “consume” this information and return to their daily lives, hopefully experiencing some faint sense of gratitude. That’s it. On occasion, they will click some ads, but advertisers who bid to place ads on your page don’t have to compete very hard. So, you might just get a few money.

5. Voice search and AI will change the way users discover brands and content. AI is playing a huge role in bringing all the sectors at our fingertip. Now when Digital Marketing Services is growing at such a rapid pace and is booming day by day, AI has started transforming it slowly but intelligently. Given the current innovation, AI has already come a long way in revolutionizing the digital marketing sector.

But, if the innovation continues at the same pace, it can provide unimaginable technologies which can equip marketers with 24/7 automatic content distribution without human interference, use image recognition for searches and ameliorate customer experiences through voice recognition.