Terms & Conditions


We strictly follow settled technical structure as “scope of work”. During the project development customer may have new requirements. Any such requirement which is not covered in the technical structure (scope of work) will be considered as additional work. In case during the development of project customer provide / discuss additional requirements with developer such discussion may affect the overall time line settled.

Once new requirement is captured and understood by developer. DAIL2WEB will log the entire change request (provided from customer) and will provide customer estimation with new time and cost efforts.


DIAL2WEB expects that Client will provide timely input/feedback/approval for presented work/ for all reviews and queries raised during the project execution. It is expected that Client will resolve queries in reasonable time frame. Any delay can result in slippage of the schedule. In such cases where customer will not be able to arrange feedback/response from their side. Customer must have to inform the developer. If due to any reason we do not hear from customer for more than 30 days or (1 month) project will be put on HOLD. If due to any reason we do not hear from customer for more than 90 days or 3 months. Project will be treated as closed.


The responsibility of creating / updating any other documents / technical documents such as user manuals, online help etc shall be with client and in case if any documentation required, it will be charged extra and will not be part of this contract.

DIAL2WEB assumes that Client would provide one project manager and functional expert(s) during Requirement analysis and Knowledge Acquisition phase.

Cost does not include cost of BUYING payment gateway, data migration from old/existing site to new site, Content Uploading, content decoration, any form of DATA ENTRY.

Cost Estimation is valid for 30 days from the date of proposal has been sent. Then after the cost is subject to be varied as per the change of the company policy & other terms.

DIAL2WEB will require a lead-time of 1 WEEK to start the project after 1st payment made by customer.

DIAL2WEB may display the project on its portfolio after completion of successful project and may get a credit of the work as developed and designed for the site as a part of this contract unless it has been provided in written.

For any circumstances if project needs to be put on Hold / Stop it requires minimum request notice period of 1- 2 weeks along with duration for which request will be addressed by management and final decision on the request will be based on that.

All Source code/files will be delivered to customer or uploaded on the live server once the due payment is made.

“CUSTOMER” has to pay for the efforts till the point “DIAL2WEB” has involved its resources for project and No refund will be made by DIAL2WEB for such already invested efforts/resources.

Designing of Logo/letter head/Business cards/pemplats etc is not a part of the Scope unless it is been requested separately.

Payment for Services/Refunds